The Top Things You Should Look For When Renting A Party Bus

How to Start your Own Party Bus Company

Just in case you haven’t seen the photographic evidence on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, young people love partying. Heck, even middle-aged and older people enjoy letting loose and enjoying themselves. This is a fact of life that doesn’t figure to change anytime soon, meaning a business venture into the party industry could prove fruitful for someone looking to start a new company or merely run a business on the side.

Are You Ready?

The first thing you have to do before starting your own party bus company is decide if it’s the right kind of business for you. First and foremost, you have to be ready to work nights, late nights. People may sometimes rent party buses to take day trips to breweries or wineries, but a majority of the time your party bus will be used for use at night, and those nights may extend until the sun comes up the next morning, so be prepared to work those types of hours.

Buy the Right Bus

Once you decide you’re ready for the party bus business, the first step is to buy the right bus. You may want to lease a bus at first, but if you’re serious about your business, at some point you’ll want to buy your own bus, and eventually multiple buses. As with any other meaningful business investment, you need to do your due diligence when deciding on the right bus. Do you want to go all-out for a full-size bus or maybe go with a few shorter buses or large vans instead? How many seats do you need and how much space should there be? Also, how much extra space will you need to store drinks and food?

Permits and License

Unfortunately, a party bus is not all fun and games. Operating a large bus will require a permit from your local or state government, in addition to all the proper business licenses, so you will have to take all of those steps before you can get your new bus on the road. Parking large buses and vans may also require special permits that you can’t overlook.

Insurance is a Must

Another logistical necessity for your party bus business is insurance, which is an absolute must for a business like this. You will need liability insurance in case something happens and there are any injuries to you or your passengers. This is on top of collision and accident insurance for the vehicle itself. Also, you and any drivers you hire will also need to be insured. If you don’t have insurance for any possible scenario in the party bus business, you’re just asking for trouble


Party Bus and Hummer Limo Hire

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Best Party Bus Limos


This is a one of kind day for you and we want to make it special. You can do that by booking one of our wedding party bus rentals. You can have all your friends with you, being transported to your wedding day destination. We definitely don’t want you worrying about how your bridal party will get to your wedding. Book one of our Party Buses and hone in on your special day, not transportation whoas. Our professional drivers will take you and your wedding party anywhere and surrounding areas. Traveling in a wedding party bus rental will take the bride and her group, or the groom and his party, and transport any other friends and family to your special day activities.

Birthday Parties

This time of the year only comes around once a year, so why not celebrate it BIG? You and your friends can party for as long as you want with one of our birthday party bus rentals. You would be surprised…the cost of renting a party bus is very reasonable. Bringing in another year renting a birthday party bus is a must! We have 12 party buses to choose from for your celebration. Having your friends with you for your birthday celebration will be a one-of-a-kind experience and will be talked about for years to come. Renting a party bus from us, will keep your friends safe while and after drinking and will allow everyone to get to the party destination at the same time. No worries about someone getting lost or showing up late.

Corporate Events

Our limousine buses come in different sizes and YES we even have party buses that are appropriate for corporate events. It doesn’t matter what type of event you are holding, a conference at a large event facility or just at a smaller venue, we can provide any size party bus limo that has black leather seats and comfortable A/C & Heating. Transporting special clients or CEOs of a corporations is a regular booking for us. You can rely on our professional drivers to provide a safe and reliable trip experience. Other types of transportation bookings consist of airport shuttle service, allowing you to make it on time to your flight and without getting caught up in traffic jams.

Bachelor or Bachelorette party

Being single is great! But so is finding that special one, but until you tie the knot, we are going to make your last night out as a single person one to remember! You and your friends can party all night with one of our premier party bus rentals. We have the top of the line bachelorette party bus rentals and we also have bachelor party buses too. Let us help you make your bachelor or bachelorette party one you will never forget.  Rent a party bus rental and paint the town red!

Bar Crawls or Bar Hopping

Bar crawls or bar hopping has been a huge past time for many people and they have been able to safely enjoy the fun they have had with their friends, because of our party bus bar crawl rentals. We have carried thousands of people home safely in our party bus rentals after a long night of partying. We know and the surrounding areas very well and our professional drivers will take you to any club or night spot that you want to go. We have several bar crawl party bus limos to choose from and you will roll up to the club in style. Prior to hitting the bar you will enjoy the amenities in our party buses like, dancer poles, surround sound systems, neon lights, open bar and more!



A party bus business will transport people for major events, so they don’t have to worry about the logistics of getting from place to place. While people on the bus are generally invited to consume alcohol (if they’re of age), party buses don’t necessarily have to offer adult beverages as a part of their business model.

You have found the perfect business idea, and now you are ready to take the next step. There is more to starting a business than just registering it with the state. We have put together this simple guide to starting your party bus business. These steps will ensure that your new business is well planned out, registered properly and legally compliant

Plan your Business

A clear plan is essential for success as an entrepreneur. It will help you map out the specifics of your business and discover some unknowns.

What are the ongoing expenses for a party bus business?

Party buses will spend the most money maintaining their buses (tires, oil changes, fuel, etc.) to ensure they’re picture-perfect for each new client. Owners should also account for rental space if they have a physical office, as well as insurance costs and employee salaries.

Who is the target market?

The target market can be anyone planning a major party, though your target demographic will have to have a decent amount of disposable income. This can include anything from high school proms, football games, weddings, bachelor parties, family reunions, etc.


How To Pick The Best Limo & Party Bus For Your Wedding

Limousine is one of the most luxurious fleets and hiring a limo or party bus to your wedding can deliver an exceptional and outstanding experience. The wedding is the most important occasion in everyone’s life and making it unique is extremely important. If you are planning to hire the limo or party bus for your wedding, there are some significant factors which must be taken into account.

Clear and Open Communication

It is really important to first analyze what you want. One need to note down the details like the specific color, brand, or seating while choosing a limo. Make a list of the important factors that absolutely fit into the situation and also goes in alliance with your planning. It is important to convey your needs and basic requirements to the limo company as it will eliminate the extra options and then as a result one can make the best choice

Being Clear about the Time

Decide when you need the limo service and what your budget is. Time is really a crucial factor because it clearly relates to your budget. Budget is concerned because mostly the limo hiring is on the hourly basis. Have a crystal clear communication with the company executives regarding the possible number of passengers and let them know if you need any extra space or not.

Features-play an integral part

Limo features should be chosen as per your requirement.  Totally depending on your requirement, whether you are looking for party mood inside, you can opt for a music system. One also has the chance to opt for the interiors as per their choice as wonderful ambiance does the magic.

Prior Planning

Planning the entire trip in advance can ignore the hassle and stress. One must tell all the details to the limo company like what beverages they are going to have, the route, and stops. These details are mandatory to be planned in advance to make your wedding experience seamless. Booking a limo on the spot can be really expensive and can take a lot of money, hence it is advised to book a limo beforehand.